Benefits of Becure

Possibility to objectively montior patient’s treatment process.
Data-driven rehabilitation process
High and continuous motivation
An enjoyable treatment process
Sustainability of the rehabilitation process also at home.

Becure is a techno-rehabilitation solution that provides assessment and patient development reports that can be used to perform objective measurements while using rehabilitation exercises. 

Becure uses different type of sensors and allows special exercises programs for the patients who needs physiotherapy for various reasons such as loss of motion range, speed and coordination problems, loss of muscle strength, balance problems, etc.

Becure Assessment System Solutions

Becure provides assessment solutions for balance evaluation, lower and upper extremity range of motion (ROM) and hand range of motion (ROM) which allow evaluation of the patient status perceived through sensors generating a personalized report.

Lower and Upper Extremity

Becure Re​​​​habilitation

Becure provides balance, lower and upper extremity, and hand exercise programs which are developed by gaming approach for geriatric, neurological, orthopedic, sportive and pediatric rehabilitation areas.

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