Becure BalanceSystem is a technological rehabilitation solution that enables the development of balance for clients in need of physiotherapy related to balance. It can measure, assess, and generate progress reports for clients.

In Becure BalanceSystem Parameters:

  • Measurement Selection
  • Visual/Non-Visual Measurement
  • Eyes Open/Closed Measurement
  • Intermittent Measurement can be selected.

Becure BalanceSystem has a measurement application and various games.

The Purpose of Balance System

The purpose is to calculate the Center of Balance Position, Instantaneous Change, and Balance Distance (in cm), as well as to measure and report weight transfer movements in the Front, Back, and Lateral directions.

  • Client performance parameters can be viewed.
  • Reports can be downloaded in PDF format.

In Which Areas Balance System is Used

Neurological Rehabilitation

Pediatric Rehabilitation

Orthopedic Rehabilitation

Healthy Ageing

Geriatric Rehabilitation

Easy Setup

1- Start by logging into your Becure Portal account.
2- Click on the Tools tab.
3- Download the file named “Utilities” to your computer.
4- Run the downloaded “.exe” files.
5- Next, open the Becure application.
6- Within the application, navigate to the “BalanceSystem” category.
7- Open the “Balance Board Connector” application.
8- When the application opens, open the back cover of the Balance Board.
9- Press the red button for 2 seconds.
10- Click the “Connect” button in the Balance Board Connector application.
11- The application will scan for devices.
12- If it cannot find the device, you can use the “ReConnection” option to try again.
13- When successfully connected, you will see the message “Success.”
14- The device is now ready for playing games!”

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