Becure WeSense is a technological rehabilitation solution that, with the aid of wearable technology, promotes the progress of patients/clients in need of physical therapy. It conducts measurements, assessments, and generates patient progress reports.

The Purpose of WeSense

The purpose of WeSense is to enable upper and lower extremity movements with wearable sensors (such as ActionSense, VR, etc.).

  • Client performance parameters can be viewed.
  • Reports can be obtained in PDF format.

In Which Areas Wesense is Used

Neurological Rehabilitation

Pediatric Rehabilitation

Orthopedic Rehabilitation

Healthy Ageing

Geriatric Rehabilitation

Easy Setup

1- Log in to Becure Launcher.
2- Open the WeSense category.
3- Turn on Bluetooth and activate the IMU device.
4- Log in to the IMU Connector and pair the IMU devices.
5- Perform your tests with the avatar when entering the game.
6- You can now start the game.

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