Reward-Incentive Mechanism in Virtual Rehabilitation

The adoption of a reward-incentive mechanism in virtual rehabilitation games is gaining popularity due to its potential advantages over the traditional reward-punishment model. This approach, centered on positive reinforcement and acknowledging desired behaviors, enhances user experience and outcomes.

Becure SmartPose Revolutionizes the Accessibility of Rehabilitation

Becure enables rehabilitation anywhere by offering virtual reality-based serious games that focus on physical and cognitive rehabilitation for individuals requiring treatment. By incorporating rehabilitative games into the treatment process, it becomes more effective and measurable. Objective measurement and evaluation are also possible.

How BeCure (as a Digital Games provider) help healthcare for aging populations?

Digital games (serious games) designed for purposes beyond entertainment, have shown significant potential in improving the digital health and overall well-being of aging populations.

BeCure provides new generation rehabilitation solutions with a set of virtual reality-based serious games which are called as digital games for the well-being of the population. BeCure offers a carefully directed and well-focused rehabilitation program enabling physical and cognitive rehabilitation everywhere and many befits for the health of older individuals.

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