Becure ErgoActive is a technological rehabilitation solution that enables wrist and finger exercises to perform daily life activities. It supports and improves joint movements such as wrist flexion, extension, ulnar and radial deviation, supination, and pronation. It also generates progress reports for clients.

Becure ErgoActive package has various occupational therapy games.

The Purpose of ErgoActive

The purpose of our ErgoActive solution is to assist wrist and finger movements in daily life activities.

  • Client performance parameters can be viewed.
  • Reports can be obtained in PDF format.

In Which Areas ErgoActive is Used

Neurological Rehabilitation

Pediatric Rehabilitation

Orthopedic Rehabilitation

Healthy Ageing

Geriatric Rehabilitation

Easy Setup

1- Log in to Becure Launcher.
2- Open the ErgoActive category.
3- Connect the Leap Motion sensor.
4- Configure your settings in the game parameter screen.
5- You can now start the game.

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